Auckland’s Leaders in Garage Repairs, Service and Replacement

Because we have over 30 yrs experience, 9 times out of 10 we can diagnose problems with your garage door over the phone.

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Auckland’s Leaders in Garage Repairs, Service and Replacement

Because we have over 30 yrs experience, 9 times out of 10 we can diagnose problems with your garage door over the phone.

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Damage to door panels is usually visible to the eye, especially where the damage is substantial (for example, if someone has accidentally backed their car into it). Sometimes, the damage can be more subtle, like warping. It’s likely that if you can’t see the damage, you will hear it as you open and close your doors.

Evaluating the time and cost to undertake garage door repair depends on the type of door you have – sectional, tilt or roller door; as well as the age of the door, and the extent of the damage. The best way to evaluate is to take some photos of the problem, and contact our team to assess the damage. We can provide a free estimate and advice over the phone.

repair damaged door
cable off garage door


Garage door cables have an important role in the proper operation of a garage door. Cables are attached to/wound around the pulleys mounted on the torsion pole, and work in sync with garage door springs to lift and lower the weight of the door.

Cables have an important job in the functioning of sectional garage doors, which means they need regular maintenance to perform properly. Problems can arise when the cables jump off the pulley, which can be caused by loss of spring tension in sectional garage doors, or the door closing on an object. Cables can also fray from rust, or snap, so it’s important your cables are checked regularly to avoid causing related damage to your door, and anything else, if the cable should snap while the door is in operation.


Garage door hinges are a vital structural part of your garage door because the hinges on a sectional door hold all the individual panels together. They can break over time and need to be regularly checked to make sure the screws are firmly in place and lubed. A broken hinge can cause the door to fault while in operation, and potentially cause further damage to the door.
broken garage door spring


A garage door spring has a tough job since its purpose is to make a large, heavy garage door light enough to lift – either automatically with an opener, or manually by a person. If your garage door refuses to sit in the mid-way position, or in the fully-open position without falling closed, this is a sign of incorrect springing, needing adjusting or replacing.

With time and continuous operation, garage door springs become stretched causing metal fatigue, eventually resulting in broken springs. This is particularly common in winter. When garage door springs break, standard practice is to replace all springs simultaneously, as there is a high chance of a secondary spring breaking following the first… By keeping your springs the same age and replacing them at the same time, you can reduce maintenance and callout costs. On average, a garage door spring life is between 8-12 years, and/or at around 10,000 revolutions.

Thinking of repairing your garage door springs yourself? We discourage this, because not all sectional springs are the same, they are calculated correctly to the weight and balance of your individual door. The wrong spring could result in an unbalanced door. In addition, an incorrect spring can shorten the life of your automatic garage door opener. If you have a broken spring, do not use your garage door at all until it has been fixed, as the door can unravel and end up on an angle and/or jammed in the opening.


The key defining feature of any garage door is in the name… as the name sectional garage door suggests, the layout of the door includes several panels joined together by hinges that enable the door to bend and curve as it lifts and lowers. The door runs on vertical, and then horizontal tracks back into the door opening.

Sectional garage doors are reliant in some key parts in order to function correctly, including springs, which allow the otherwise very heavy doors to lift easily using the torsion principle, hinges, which hold the sections together correctly, and also cables which are bracketed on either side of a door and assist with lifting the door when required. In addition, the panels themselves are a core part of the garage door. If any one of these components becomes damaged or worn, it can affect the operation of the entire door.

sectional door repaired
tilt door repaired


A tilt garage door has a single, solid one-piece tilting panel and pivoting arms at each side of the garage door opening. The tilt door operates by the pivoting arms raising the tilting panel upwards and outwards until it rests against the garage ceiling.

Tilt doors are fitted with springs on each side of the garage door to balance the door and make it possible to open. Springs have a limited life, and will eventually break from metal fatigue, with the average life dependent on individual door usage and door weight. Tilt springs should all be replaced simultaneously, as odd-aged springs can cause an imbalance in the door, and also increase the wear on your automatic opener.

Tilt springs can be dangerous and there is no way of telling when they’re due to break, so caution should be taken when standing near them – especially during operation.


Roller doors have been around for up to 60 years. The most common fault with roller doors is that they split from old age. A split can usually be found on the inside at the top of the door where the skirt attaches to the drum. Once a roller door starts to split, it will need to be replaced. The channels the roller door runs in should be regularly checked for dirt and grease build up for the door to run smoothly. There should be no oil or grease in the tracks. The spring inside the drum will also need adjusting from time to time.

roller door repaired


Accidents do happen!!! Backed into your garage door? We can arrange a site inspection and detailed report for your Insurance provider to either replace or repair your garage door. Call and/or email us a picture of your garage door so we can see the damage and quickly get onto making you are site secure – either with a repair or replacement garage door underway!

Repairs, Automatic Opener and Garage Doors

Garage Door Repairs: Older garage doors do break down. In most cases due to age, wear and tear.

What should I look for when inspecting my door?


  1. You should check for loose or broken hinges, frayed cables, loose fasteners on Sectional Doors and any visible damage to the door.
  2. Tilt doors – worn hooks and anchor brackets, rusty springs and door out of alignment.
  3. Roller Doors – uneven rolling of door and material edging coming off causing steel door edge to start catching in the channels.
  4. Rust and splitting on doors.

Why Replace my Garage Door?


There are many advantages to replacing your garage door with a new Sectional Garage Door if space allows.

  1. Sectionals are more secure than conventional Tilt Doors and cannot be forced open.
  2. Sectional doors lift vertically meaning you can park your car close to the door and not have the door swing open and collide with the front of your car, this gives you more parking space in your driveway.
  3. Sectional doors are less draughty and can be insulated.
  4. Sectional doors give you a larger opening and will give you more height in your garage.

Most Common Faults on Garage Doors


  1. Broken springs either above the door or on the side
  2. Frayed / broken cables
  3. Door out of alignment
  4. Rollers come out
  5. Cannot lift the door

Why do Garage door Springs Break?


  1. All garage doors have springs to assist you or your garage door opener to open the door. If a spring breaks the doors will be too heavy to lift.
  2. All garage door springs break from age/metal fatigue.
  3. The general life span of a spring is around 8-12 yrs and they can break without warning.
  4. Tilt door springs also break without warning and generally 5-10 years.

Why should I get my Garage Door & Opener Serviced?


  1. Having your door serviced ensures that your door is balanced and working correctly. A balance door will not strain the automatic garage door opener.
  2. A Professional Garage Door Technician will check all the moving parts of your door, ie the rollers, hinges, cables, fasteners, hinges and lube the required parts. if your door is noisy then you should have it serviced.


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    Auckland Garage Door Repair Man Ltd have been repairing Auckland Garage Doors for over 30 yrs.  Over this time, we have repaired thousands of garage doors and garage door openers.  

    Every Garage Door has a spring of some description.  Garage Door Springs make the opening and closing of your doors easy.   However, these springs need to be replaced from time to time due to metal fatigue caused by wear and tear from continual opening and closing.  There are two types of Garage Door springs.