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Garage Door Springs make the opening and closing of your doors easy. However, these springs need to be replaced from time to time due to the wear and tear from continual opening and closing.  There are two types of garage door springs;

Sectional Garage Door Springs

Sectional Garage door springs make it possible to lift the doors easily with the application of the spring torsion principle. These springs are usually fitted in pairs (although large garage doors may have up to four springs) and they are mounted on the torsion pole above the garage door opening usually in the centre or sometimes to one side of the door. The most commonly used springs are the torsion springs these has an average life-span of around 10,000 cycles, which equates to around 8-12 years.

With time and continuous operation, the garage door springs gets stretched and this causes metal fatigue and this causes them to break.  This is quite common when the weather gets cold.  When this happens, it is our standard practice to replace all the springs at the same time. If they are not all replaced at the same time, you will find the second/third spring usually breaks not long after the first one breaks.  By keeping your springs the same age and replacing then all at the same time, saves you further call out costs, and ensures you can be guaranteed of trouble free springing the next 8-12 years.

The size of a Sectional Spring also needs to be calculated correctly for the weight of your door, to ensure your door is balanced properly.  If your garage door is not balanced correctly it can shorten the life of your Automatic Opener.  If you are operating your sectional door manually and the door will not sit in the midway position without falling closed or in the fully opening position without falling closed then your springing is incorrect and either needs adjustment or replacement.

Please note:  If you have a broken spring, do not attempt to repair it yourself, and our advice is to not use the door until the springs have been repaired as the door can unravel and end up on an angle and/or jammed in the opening.

Tilt Garage Door Springs

Tilt Doors are fitted with springs on each the side of the garage door, usually one each side (some larger doors may have two springs each side) to balance the weight  of the door to make it possible to open.  These springs have a limited life and eventually break from metal fatigue.  The life of a spring on a Tilt Door can vary greatly.  This can be anything from 2 – 20 years depending on the weight of the door and the size of the spring.  Please note that Tilt springs can be dangerous when they break and you should not stand next to the springs when the garage door is opening.  There is no way of telling when a spring is due to break.

When we replace Tilt Door springs we advise our customers to replace all the springs at the same time as usually when one spring breaks the other spring breaks very shortly afterwards. This also ensures that the door is balanced correctly as different springs vary in length.  When we replace springs some adjustment may be required.

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